10-00 TO 12-30


GENERAL INFORMATION:  we have leaflets on many aspects of areas where help may be needed, ranging from smoke alarms to mobility aids to contact groups for all.

TOURIST INFORMATION: again many leaflets on tourist sights and activities in the area – mainly fairly local but some as far as 30 mile radius.

TIMETABLES:  We have a range of bus and train timetables available.

WHAT’S ON:  we have theatre, concert and various other entertainment information in Eastbourne, Hastings, Hailsham and Brighton ( and indeed any others who give us their publicity) as well as local groups and societies.

HOSPITAL CAR SERVICE:  Undoubtedly one of our main areas of business, particularly in the winter months.  We (try to) arrange transport for ANYONE IN THE PEVENSEY, PEVENSEY BAY and WESTHAM areas who has difficulty getting to a medical appointment  (hospital, doctor, dentist, optician, osteopath etc.)  If in doubt please ring us!  (We cannot arrange shopping trips as we do not have the resources).

Telephone  01323 766230