Fun and Leisure

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We’ve called them that because that’s what we want them to be !

The signpost points you towards our first pages.

Whether you want to find a new recipe to try, enter a competition,
give other people a useful hint or tip, or see your poems published, there is something
for everyone.  If you enjoy gardening, you’ll love to read the
regular posts of our “Constant Gardener”.

Young or old there will be something here for you.
We are keen that the children have a place of their own
and our KIDZ pages invite stories and pictures full of imagination.
For those of us with a few more birthdays under our belts there
is the chance to reminisce about our villages – or simply just life.

The pages are intended to be interactive and we invite everyone to send
in anything and  everything they would like to share with all the other
people who visit PVP on line.

Remember this is YOUR community website.