Scarecrow Festival 2019


This year we decided to ask the public to start the voting.  People were asked to post their scarecrows on Facebook and the finalists were chosen from the scarecrows with most “likes”.  Katy and Kay from masonbryant and Carolyn from PVP chose Pinocchio as their winner.  Veronica, Pinocchios maker, won £50 and will hold the beautiful new trophy for the coming year.  Runners up Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cruella and Scarecrow Wedding all received £10.  There were many more scarecrows around the villages than appeared on facebook as so many people like to make them “just for fun” and not actually enter them.  Well we think they are great fun, so thank you to all the makers who displayed scarecrows this year.  Thank you also to our Sponsors masonbryant who have supported the festival every year, and to Sue Jenkins (candles and home) who sponsored the trophy. 




 JULY 6th to JULY 20th

It’s that time of year once again.  We will soon be invaded by the funny visitors that come to see us in our villages.  Scarecrows turn up all over the place in Pevensey Bay (including Beachlands of course), Pevensey and Westham.  They’re always smiling and they certainly make us smile.  Let’s see lots this year.

This year the theme is “CHILDREN’S BOOK CHARACTERS”, and there are plenty to choose from.   So put your thinking caps on.  Maybe make your way to the library (opening very soon) and browse through the books for an idea.

Mason Bryant have once again given generous sponsorship for the Scarecrow Festival, and Katy will be judging the final.

But first its up to you to be the judges.  We will choose the final entrants from your votes.  Your vote can be made by “liking” a scarecrow when it appears in a post on our special scarecrow page.  So keep a look out and “like” the one you want to win.  Katy will then go and meet them in person.

Please take care to make sure your scarecrow does not cause any danger with sharp bits sticking out and make sure it is secured well.  Follow the simple rules below and you can’t go wrong.

Once made then take a picture, make sure it shows off your scarecrow at its best, (and make sure it is the right way up !) and post it along with its name on our facebook page 

            PVP Scarecrow Festival 2019

We will contact the finalists to find out your scarecrow’s location.

GOOD LUCK – you could be the winner of £50 or 3 prizes of £10

And have your name on our beautiful new trophy


If you know of a scarecrow maker who doesn’t have internet then please do help them out by taking a picture and posting it on fb for them





  • Your scarecrow should be constructed of materials resilient to all weathers
  • The use of any sharp objects is not allowed
  • Recycled materials with no great cost are recommended
  • Scarecrows should be positioned carefully and securely (they must not fall over) with both road and pedestrian safety in mind, and the organisers reserve the right to re-position any scarecrow that is likely to cause danger to third parties
  • You are responsible for your own safety when positioning your scarecrow
  • Scarecrows must be fully dressed and in place on July *****
  • The judge’s decision will be final
  • The organisers will not be responsible for damage to scarecrows while they are in position.

Please position your scarecrow where it can be clearly seen for judging.  Remember the public will be judging in the first round and if they spot your scarecrow they are more likely to go on fb and vote for it.  The main roads through the villages provide best viewing points. 

Suggested materials : Old clothes, shoes, hats, newspapers, plastic carrier bags, black sacks, string, poles, balls (for heads), straw, wooden stakes.

Email : if you have any questions


The Festival will be on Sat 6th July to Sat 20th July 2019.

SPONSORED BY: masonbryant

The theme is “Children’s book characters”

There is a £50 prize for the overall winner and 3 x £10 prizes for the runners up.

To enter you need to post a picture of your scarecrow entry on the festival facebook page. The public will vote by liking the entries on facebook.

The organisers will then shortlist the highest scorers, those with the most ‘likes’ and judge them in person. The judges will be a representative of PVP and of masonbryant the event sponsors.

For those that are not on facebook you can email your entry along with your name to

With Thanks to our Generous Sponsor