The last night – its come round so quickly !

Come along to The Aqua Bar Saturday 1st August from 6.30pm


balloonSo to the last night, a celebration for the scarecrows who have caused so much talk, provided so much pleasure, and brought so many visitors to the villages.  Miranda, our overall winner, will be there for all to admire.  We hope some of the other winners will make it too.

Thank you to The Aqua Bar, who have made the last night celebrations possible.  They are putting on a BBQ and bonfire followed by live music.  Also thanks to the team of volunteers who have agreed to look after the building and safety of said bonfire on The Aqua Club’s behalf.

7pm : The voices choir will begin the evening, and while they are singing, Over The Moon will be releasing the balloons – according to the weather they are likely to race their way out to sea.

7.30pm : Cllr Pam Doodes, our scarecrow judge, will be presenting the scarecrow prizes, Denis Hilsden will present the trophies, sponsored by Sharnfold Farm, for the garden competition, and Anglers Den will present the fishing competition trophies.

bonfireAt 8pm the ceremonial bonfire will be lit on the beach.  And so “Scarecrow Festival 2015” will come to a close.

For your safety, The Aqua Bar have a team of trained safety officers looking after the building
and burning of the bonfire.  For your safety, you must not go within the marked area
around the bonfire.

Come along and raise a glass to all the 245 (known) strange people, pirates, mermaids, fishermen, a whale and even a flamingo who adorned our streets.  The villages will seem quite bare when our visitors leave, but we will certainly remember them.  We can only guess how many there might be next year – that is if you want another scarecrow festival of course ???