Sites and rules

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While we call these “sites for judging” this does not preclude “for fun” scarecrows being displayed here.  We have been asked by so many scarecrow followers to display in a more central area, and so while we understand if you want to have yours at home, we would encourage you to bring it along to a place where it will be seen by everyone.






WESTHAM HIGH STREET (including the old road to the castle)



Please take care and consideration and follow our simple advice.

You may display your scarecrow on any verges as long as they are SECURE and will not fall into the
road or over the pavement.

But do not secure to a fence where you know there are livestock (ie Wallsend Road)

If you see a site that is obviously private property ask first

We do have addresses where the house owner is pleased to host a scarecrow (please ask)

Martello Beach Park are happy for you to display along the fence 
(please get in touch with us if you would like to put yours inside the fence)

If you cable tie to lamp posts or road sign posts you must
NOT under any circumstance block any signage)

If in doubt get in touch and ask if you aren’t sure if its allowed

Whether you want to enter the competition or just join in the fun we want to know about your scarecrow and include it in our SCARECROW GALLERY on the website and give you the chance to have yours in our film.


Send an email titled “Entry” to : 

Include your name, address and telephone number.
If you have a name for your scarecrow include it too.
Tell us here if you need a main road site.

We will reply to your email giving you a number to display on your scarecrow.

Important : Keep this email and reply to it when you send us your picture.


If you just want to “join in the fun” please send us an email titled “Just for Fun”.
We will still give you a number so that we can keep track of how many scarerows there are.
We would still like to put your scarecrow in the scarecrow gallery on the website so
send in your picture when you have made your scarecrow.



  • Your scarecrow should be constructed of materials resilient to all weathers
  • The use of any sharp objects is not allowed
  • Recycled materials with no great cost are recommended
  • Scarecrows should be positioned carefully and securely (they must not fall over) with both road and pedestrian safety in mind, and the organisers reserve the right to re-position any scarecrow that is likely to cause danger to third parties
  • You are responsible for your own safety when positioning your scarecrow
  • Scarecrows must be fully dressed and in place on July 15th (1066) and July 23rd for main festival entries
  • Scarecrows will not be judged unless their number is clearly attached
  • The judge’s decision will be final
  • The organisers will not be responsible for damage to scarecrows while they are in position
  • Permission to attach Scarecrows to/place scarecrows on private property must be obtained first
  • Only cable ties and string to be used when attaching scarecrows to fencing/posts etc
  • No metal fixings except on your own property
  • The rules apply to both entries of the competition and “fun only” scarecrows.


Please position your scarecrow where it can be clearly seen for judging.  The main roads through the villages provide best viewing points.  Please email or ring us and we will put you in touch with residents who would like to have a scarecrow in their garden.  We also have some site suggestions.

Judging will take place on Saturday 16th July (1066 Scarecrows) and on week between 24th and 28th July for main festival.  Only scarecrows in the designated areas will be judged.  The winners will be notified after the judging is complete.  Prize giving will take place at 7pm on August 6th at Sharnfold Farm, Stone Cross prior to the ceremonial bonfire being lit.

The organisers will collect up scarecrows from main road sites (to be notified when number is issued) on Saturday 6th August.  If you do not wish to burn your scarecrow you must remove it yourself before 10am on that day.  Please ensure that your scarecrow is made of flammable materials only. (ie no nails or wire).

Suggested materials : Old clothes, shoes, hats, newspapers, plastic carrier bags, black sacks, string, poles, balls (for heads), straw, wooden stakes,

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