A great big thank you to our wonderful sponsors Mason Bryant and Martello Beach Park without whom Scarecrow 17 would not be possible. Also a big thank you to the Heron Pub for very  generously donating the prize money. Thank you guys.


8th July to 22nd July

miranda winner

Remember our winner for our very first
Scarecrow Festival in 2015 ?

Her name was Miranda
Miranda was made by Maggie and she
laid elegantly in Westham High Street

                   In 2016 the order of the day was 1066

                                             48 Jeff The Norman2
Jeff the Norman stood proud among his enterage
in Wallsend Road, Pevensey

There were over 100 1066 scarecrows and
many more on other themes



So what is our theme for 2017 ?

Some of you like to have a theme – sorta gives you an idea that otherwise doesn’t come to mind
Some of you prefer to make your own idea take shape
The thing that matters is that you join in the fun and make yourself a scarecrow

For those who would like to work to a theme we thought we’d follow an idea suggested to
us last year. How about we make ourselves ?  The people of the villages – us.

Its easier than you think. Its lifesize – its in proportion – its you – and your old clothes will fit perfectly.  We will be doing some workshops to demonstrate and get you on your way.  Its always much more fun to do things together anyway.

What do you do – first decide who you want to make – why not the whole family ?  The start is a two person job as the person being made needs to be wrapped up securely to make the body shape.  A visit to the £1 shop for materials won’t cost a lot.  But please see “how”, otherwise you might still be sitting there wrapped up next year.  Kids – you must do this with adult supervision – and that means an adult standing by who is not Mum or Dad being wrapped up !

Apart from our workshops there are brief instructions on our “how to make yourself” page.