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lone scarecrow


Scarecrow 2015 was such a great success that we wondered if we should do it all again. Lets say we have no choice with so many of you planning your 2016 scarecrow before the 2015 one reached the bonfire !
So we have been thinking about what we can do to make it a bigger and better festival for 2016.  Having been knocked out by your enthusiasm last year we have great expectations about what you will all come up with for 2016 !


filmingWe are being filmed !

East Sussex Film Makers have already started making our film.  The film will follow the whole process through from our first planning meeting right through to the celebration bonfire. The film crew have already attended one of our planning meetings.  They will be at the workshops, visiting individuals, interviewing last years winner and of course going around the streets once the festival has begun.  After the film is complete we will be inviting everyone towatching the film come and see the film and have a natter about scarecrows over a tea/coffee and cake.

Want to be a star ?

The film crew are looking for one or two families who will let them film the planning and making of their scarecrow.  Let us know if you’d like to be filmed.


1066 2

We were looking for something different for 2016 – as well as more of the same.  Its the 950th anniversary of 1066, The Battle of Hastings.  So what better than our villages celebrating with an army of soldiers, surfs and “her indoors”.  Of course we realise that not everyone will want to build a King Harold (bet there will be a few of him though) so it will be your choice if you want to join in with 1066 or do your own thing.

The plan is to get our 1066 army down to the castle for the Wealden Food and Wine Festival weekend.  We had a wonderful display from the school on the green in Westham, so what better place to fill – yes lets fill it – with scarecrows depicting the battle and life of that time !  There will be a special 1066 class for those who want to join in.

Our centre piece will be a Norman Longboat – would anyone like to help with that ???  Or how about getting a group together and working on  a soldier with a horse – my that would be something !!!  Get in touch with us if you would like to join forces to help make something really spectacular for our display.

The Festival Fortnight will begin on 23rd July and will cover Pevensey Bay, Pevensey and Westham as before.  We’d like to think that Stone Cross folk would like to join in but there was very little response from there last year, and unfortunately two were stolen from the cross roads.  But if anyone there wants to join in please either do the 1066 thing or bring a more normal (is there such a thing)scarecrow down to one of the villages.  We’d love you to join in wherever you are. 

Pevensey Bay is of course determined to make a big impact !  The shops are already planning their scarecrows.  

People driving through the villages came back especially to see the scarecrows, and then they told their friends who came too. Some came a long way.  Even the bus drivers were giving a running commentary as they passed through The Bay.  We had many requests to bring them to the main roads and make a scarecrow walk so that people can see them all.  Think how much more spectacular it would be if we could have our main roads lined with our funny faces.   

If you want to just keep yours at home that is absolutely fine, but it would be so good to have many more all together where everyone can enjoy them.  It also makes sense for the judging.  Last year it took all day, and out of the 250 that finally popped up, only 103 were actually entered in time for the judging.  We expect more this year, and the only way to cope is to have them in one area.  So if you want to have your scarecrow judged you will need to bring it to the specified areas.  




£100 prize money is up for grabs



mapsWhere to go to be judged ?

If you are in it to win it !…………………

Please see the “Sites and Rules” page to find out where the judging will take place.

Remember safety is paramount and you need to abide by our rules.



thumbs upOr if its just for the fun of it

If you prefer to just enter into the fun of it and keep yours at home please still send in a picture for the website.  People from all over the country will be looking at our scarecrow gallery.  Thousands did last year !


You’ll find all the information you need here on the scarecrow pages…………………



Send an email titled “Entry” to : 

Include your name, address and telephone number.
If you have a name for your scarecrow include it too.
Tell us here if you need a main road site.

We will reply to your email giving you a number to display on your scarecrow.

Important : Keep this email and reply to it when you send us your picture.

If you just want to “join in the fun” please send us an email titled “Just for Fun”.
We will still give you a number so that we can keep track of how many scarerows there are.
We would still like to put your scarecrow in the scarecrow gallery on the website so
send in your picture when you have made your scarecrow.