Pevensey Coastal Defence update

Although the weather is calmer at the moment, it is still far from settled, and there is no sign that there will be some proper winter weather (i.e. Offshore winds from the north)  We therefore expect to continue recycling until Friday 18th December.  Work will continue in the east at Cooden, Herbrand Walk and Normans Bay until the early par of next week, when the emphasis will shift to Beachlands and areas to the west.
Hopefully, minimal amounts of work will be necessary over Christmas, but with the next biggest tides on Christmas Day and Boxing Day there is obviously no guarantee.  If possible, any works over the holiday period will be restricted to local reprofiling.  This is still too far off for there to be any believable weather forecast, so we will just have to wait and see what the weather delivers.
It is anticipated that machines will be parked up in the Environment Agency depot on Coast Road so that should the weather deteriorate, then they will be available if required.