PCDL regular update

Recycling works have now reached Normans Bay East and will then move west to Beachlands.  Towards the end of the week, shingle will be delivered to eroded parts of The Promenade/Norman Road before arriving at Sovereign Harbour.

Most of this year’s annual beach recharge has been completed, although about 8 loads remain to be delivered.  Significant amounts of shingle have built up on the Eastbourne side of the marina’s breakwaters, so this needs to be removed soon before it can be driven by storms towards the harbour entrance.

It is currently expected that this sediment will be bypassed round the harbour from Monday 19 October.  Since storms of winter 2013-14 it has not been possible to run road lorries along Sovereign Harbour beach to the stockpile.  As a result, shingle brought round the harbour has to be tipped much closer to the Martello tower.  In order to make space for new material from Langney, beach from the west of the tower will this week be moved back to the revetment.