Making History in Pevensey


Local Historian Alan Starr has been trying to find the truth of Pevensey’s history. This has been a difficult task – hard facts are scarce but local legends are plentiful.

His new book outlines the early history of the are and shows how much – or how little – we know about those days. It describes how the movement of the coastline left the port stranded for hundreds of years.  Then, in 1846, the railway arrived, and the sleepy old port and castle welcomed tourists. The town became a focus for cultural tourism. By the early twentieth century it had become an emblem of English history.A little later, Pevensey Bay was developed as the exact opposite – a home for the Modern.

The aims to provide a readable overview, and is illustrated. It also has, however, appendices and a detailed set of references: these will help the reader who wishes to find more detail.

Format Paperback B5, 85 pp, 23 illustrations

POM Press 2017


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