DRAGON1Hi everyone

My name is MAJIK

I live in the dungeon at Pevensey Castle
I have had so many adventures and I want to tell you all about them.  You can read about the day I met my new friend Mark here…


But first I have to ask you to do something for me.  I am going to look after the KIDZ pages on the PVP website.  I want you to make them “your very own pages”.

Will you help me ?

I want to know about all your ideas.  Ask your friends to help too.  Do you want to tell us about what you do at school ?  What do you do with your families ?  Can you tell me about your holidays ?  What do YOU want to see on YOUR pages ?  All you need to do is tell me what you would like to have in KIDZ.  You can fill in the box below or email your ideas to :

But first…………………… you believe in dragons ?  Or maybe you believe in other creatures or even monsters ?   ooooo don’t frighten me too much !


Can you close your eyes and imagine who or what you think lives in a castle, in the woods, in a cave or dungeon, in the hills or mountains, beside a lake or even in the sea.  Can you tell us ?  Can you write a story ?  Can you draw a picture ?  I would like you to fill my “who lives here”  pages with your exciting stories and pictures.  Can you do that ?

I am so excited -I know you all have fantastic imaginations………………………..


Your Message to Majik:

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