Excellent Swimming

beachSwimming conditions at Wealden’s two beaches have been classed as ‘excellent’ according to the latest EU monitoring programme carried out by the Environment Agency.

Cllr Claire Dowling, cabinet member for public health and community safety said: “Pevensey and Birling Gap provide two stunning seaside locations, and the news that both offer excellent bathing water for swimmers and paddlers alike is most welcome. Both beaches provide an exciting location for tourists and residents to relax and enjoy outdoor activities.”

“Pevensey’s ‘Excellent’ bathing water rating is particularly heartening in view of the work that is being carried out by the Cuckmere and Pevensey Levels Catchment Partnership to improve water quality and the ecology in the catchment area which drains out into the English Channel at Pevensey.”

The Council provides a marked-out bathing area using buoys to help bathers at Pevensey Bay. It was at Pevensey where William the Conqueror landed with his invasion fleet 950 years ago this September.

Weekly measurements of water quality at both beaches are taken from May to September by the Environment Agency, and are then given an annual classification of ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘sufficient’ or ‘poor’ based on measurements taken over a four year period.