Don’t forget – Scarecrows are coming !

lone scarecrowJuly will soon be here and hopefully our streets will be full of funny faces, and our own faces will be smiling – grinning from ear to ear even !
This year we are offering you a challenge – The 1066 Challenge.  Its 950 years since the Normans landed in Pevensey, and we thought we should celebrate !  So we are making 1066 scarecrows and hope to have an army of 100 !
The workshop for 1066 scarecrows will be on Thursday 14th July at Pevensey and Westham School.  The school children will be making scarecrows again, with each class working on their own version.  But Headmaster Richard and Pippa Laker would like to give families and anyone else the chance to have some fun together.  Of course you are welcome to make your own at home and bring it on down to the site.

The 1066 Scarecrows will be judged by Barbie Dashwood Hall, Chairman of Wealden District Council on 16th July when she attends the Wealden Food and Wine Festival at Pevensey Castle.

But its not just about 1066 – we want you to have fun with whatever kind of scarecrow takes your fancy.  Following last years fun – and very popular – workshop last year, we are holding another at St Wilfrids Hall, Pevensey Bay from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 20th July.  This leads up to the Scarecrow Festival starting on Saturday 23rd July.  The scarecrows will be judged at the beginning of the week.  So many of you made scarecrows last year and so many more of you said either  ” we are already planning next years” or “we missed out – we will definately be making one next year”, that we are expecting even more than the 250 plus of 2015.

Many visitors who wanted to walk the scarecrow walk, and anyone passing through missed so many wonderful scarecrows because they were spread so far and wide.  It would be fantastic to have a huge display on the main roads, and would be so much more impressive.  We could really put Pevensey, Westham and Pevensey Bay on the map !  The judge actually only judged 113 last year as others didn’t pop up in time.  But it took all day, and to try and judge more would be impossible if they are spread so far and wide.  So while we would be pleased to see scarecrows all over the villages we have decided that we can only cope with judging those on main road sites.  If you just want to join in the fun and don’t want to be judged thats great – but please think about putting your scarecrow on the main roads where it will be seen by so many more people

We have plenty of gardens and positions for them in Eastbourne Road, Wallsend Road and both Pevensey and Westham High Streets.  All you need do is to ask and we will find your friend a place to be seen.  Watch out for the entry form on our website in June.  Send us an email and we will give you a number.  Most important send us a picture for the scarecrow gallery.  Who knows your scarecrow may be the star -East Sussex Movie makers are making a film of the Festival.

They need a couple of people/families who are willing to be filmed in the planning and making of their scarecrows.  Interested ? Email