When Majik met Mark


When Mark met Majik

Once upon a time there were two villages –one called Pevensey and the other called Westham.  They shared a castle, so old and in such ruin, that nobody had lived there for years and years and years. But some folk in the villages believed that someone – or something – lived there.  Some even said it was haunted. Strange noises came from within the castle walls, but nobody had ever seen anything.

Mark believed there was life at the castle. You see, Mark believed in dragons and he was so sure those deep noises that echoed round the castle were a dragon roaring.  Every opportunity he had he would search and search hoping to find his dragon, and today was no exception.  A picnic of scrummy sausage sandwich and chocolate cake was followed, as always, by Mum and Dad falling asleep – it was time for a dragon search.

Mark ran over and started searching the old walls.  Every hole or crack between the grey stones was examined.  He poked and prodded and slipped his hand in every space.  Suddenly he could hear a noise.  It wasn’t a roar, it was a sort of high pitched squeak.  It stopped, and he stood still trying hard to hear it again. There it was, and it seemed to be coming closer.

Slowly what looked like a little black nose appeared, but when Mark moved closer it quickly disappeared.  “Don’t go, please don’t go”, he said, but it had gone and even the little noises had stopped.  Mark peered into the whole in the wall and ever so quietly he said “please come back, I won’t hurt you”.  Nothing.  No matter how much Mark pleaded there was silence.  Maybe if he was quiet ?  Still nothing.  “I do believe in dragons” said Mark hopefully.

There was a very small noise and Mark held his breath.  It got louder until at last he saw the tip of a nose appear.  It sniffed the air and then slowly it grew, followed by a pair of beady eyes, little sticky up ears and finally a tiny foot. “Wow, at last I can see you”.  The dragon put its head on one side and watched Mark.  With a squeak it leapt from it’s hole, using little wings to bring it safely down on to the grass.

Mark couldn’t speak.  He could hardly believe it, he was actually looking at a dragon. It was so cute with its fat tummy and a long tail that it flicked through the air. It was red and pink, no, blue and green, then again, purple orange and yellow, its colour changed every time it moved.

Mark stood very, very, still, he didn’t want to frighten it away. “My names Mark”, he said, “I knew I’d see you one day. I knew you were there”.  The little dragon came nearer and touched Mark with one tiny foot.  It made Mark tingle all over.  He had to touch the dragon, make sure he wasn’t dreaming, so he gingerly poked a finger at its little fat belly.  Yes it was real. “Where do you live, what do you eat, do you like sausages and chocolate, can you swim ? ”  Questions just kept coming and coming, but the dragon didn’t answer.

Tugging at Mark’s jeans, he pulled him towards the castle gateway.  “I can’t go in there, you have to pay”, said Mark.  Still the dragon tugged away.  “I can’t go in there, I want to, but I can’t”.  Mark could see the man who took the money standing right in the gateway.  No chance !   Just then he heard his Dad calling “Mark where are you, have you found that dragon yet ?”.  He was heading Mark’s way.  “Over here, look, look, look” said Mark, pointing at the dragon.  “Look isn’t it cute?”.  His Dad smiled.  “Your imagination………..”.  “Dad I’m not imagining, look look”.  “Just another half hour” said his Dad as he walked away, shaking his head as he went.  He obviously couldn’t see the dragon.

But Mark could.  He knew it was real, he had even touched it.  “You’re magic”, said Mark, “I’m going to call you Majik”.  Feeling bold Mark followed Majik over to the castle gateway.  “You can’t come in without paying” said the ticket man. “Oh please” said Mark.  Just then a tourist called out and the ticket man turned away. In a flash Majik had leapt onto Mark’s shoulder and pressed a foot over his mouth. When the man turned he couldn’t believe his eyes, the boy was nowhere in sight.  Mark suddenly realised, Majik had “majiked” him invisible too.  He crept quietly past the gate with Majik still on his shoulder.

Once inside, Majik jumped down and ran to the top of the dungeon steps.  Just as Mark peered into the dark, there was a great roar.  Majik started hopping down the steps.  “Don’t go in there” pleaded Mark, but Majik disappeared as another great roar came out of the dark.  Mark was so scared for his new friend, and it made him so brave that he raced down the steps to save him from whatever monster was in there.

It was dark, very dark.  “Majik, where are you ? ”.  “Majik are you ok ?”  A strange rumbling noise made the dungeons walls vibrate, and two bright red lights shone down on Mark.  The two eyes stared at him and he froze on the spot. “Majik, Majik where are you ?”  Mark wasn’t feeling so brave now.  A ball of sparkling coloured lights shot up into the air making mad giggling noises. It was as if it was thrown, and then fell, until it was suspended in mid air.  It was Majik, his little body full of  twinkling colour.  Behind him Mark could just about see a big black shape.  The two red eyes shone down on Majik, and Mark could just see enough to know that two huge clawed hands were holding his friend.  He was so scared.

A low roar turned into words as the scary red eyes turned to focus on Mark.  “You’d better introduce me to your friend before he dies of fright”.  “Mark, its Mark and he can see me Dad”.  “That’s because he believes in dragons”.  “Wowwwwww, dragons can talk ” said Mark.

markIt was 29 minutes and thirty five seconds when Mark ran out of the gate to find his own Dad – just in time.  “How did you get in there without paying the ticket man?”.  “Oh it was okay Dad, Majik “majiked” me invisible”.  His Dad shook his head “and what was this imaginary dragon like then”. Mark knew he’d never convince his Dad Majik was real, because he couldn’t see him.  You see, only people who believe in dragons can see them.