Abigail and William rescue a baby dragon

Once upon a time there was a villager named Abigail. She lived with her brother, William, and her Mum and Dad.

One night Abigail and William crept out and went to the castle, because they believed dragons lived there. They searched in every hole, but then William found something colourful, it was a dragon. Then William called out “come here” so Abigail went and she saw the dragon.The dragon was very small and covered in green scales with purple and black wings, he looked very frightened, “Please help me find my Mummy” he said to Abigail & William. “Of course we will” said the children, so they set off to find the dragon’s Mummy.They looked everywhere they could think of, near the pond, round the church even in the playground – but they couldn’t find the dragon’s Mummy anywhere “where could she be?” said William. Then Abigail had a good idea – “we didn’t look upstairs in the castle!” she said – “maybe she is up there?”.
They all ran up to the top tower, and sure enough there was the Mummy dragon.
“Oh thank goodness” she said “I was looking for my baby in this room and I got stuck! Can you help me get out?”
So William and Abigail heaved and pushed and freed the dragon. The dragon and her baby were back together. They were very happy. “We better get back before Mummy and Daddy realise we are gone” said Abigail, so they rushed back to their beds.
I n the morning Abigail and William told Mummy and Daddy all about their adventure, “what a funny dream!” said Mummy. Abigail and William smiled to each other and laughed.
The end.

From: Abigail
Age: 6
School: Stone  Cross

About a Dragon

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a boy called Tom.  He went to Pevensey Castle for a visit.  When he looked in the dungeons he saw a wet black nose.  He said “Is that a dragon? no it cant be” and then he took a step closer and the wet black nose was gone.  “Wait! Don’t go! Please if you are a dragon… I believe in them” . Then the wet black nose came back, followed by eyes, then a head, then a body, and a wiggly tail. It was a dragon!

When the dragon took a step closer he could see what colour the dragon was. It was yellow and red, no! green and brown, no! Blue and purple. Every step it took it changed colour. “Am I dreaming?  Said Tom.  He touched the dragon…yes it was real!
He said to the dragon ” Can we be friends?”.  The dragon said “Yes my name is Majik”. The end

From: Caitlyn Petrie Jpeg
Age: 7
School: Stone Cross School

Friendly Dragon

Friendly Dragon

in my casle thear is a lovley prises and a drangon  and hes a freandley dragon and they alwast playd together but one day a thears drangon came and the casle was on fire so the cind villages said you can come and live whith us and they lived hapley ever after the end

From: Katie Macgowan
Age 8
Pevensey and Westham School