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Yes the workshops are free.  Tea and coffee will be provided at all of our workshops

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Numbers are limited for some workshops/talks so please book a place in advance to avoid disappointment.

PVP is very excited to be able to offer this series of workshops and talks.  Made possible by grant funding from Wealden District Council, the subjects reflect those asked for by residents.  From History to advice on benefits there should be one to interest you.

Dates and subjects as follows :


Monday 9th April 7 – 9pm   Priory Court Hotel

Nudge, nudge 

We are proud to introduce Dr Jeremy Leach, and to give businesses and groups the opportunity to learn how to attract people better, how to persuade them to be involved, and how to keep them on board.  If you run a business or group in the area this is a must for you.



How to influence people’s behaviour using insights from the behavioural sciences


Changing and shaping people’s behaviour is central to the work of many organisations and businesses.  Whether it is getting people to pay their bills on time, improving regulatory compliance, maximising take-up of a service, or increasing the number of customers – they can all be important. 

In addition, some of the biggest challenges facing many organisations will only be resolved by persuading people to change their behaviours, lifestyles and or habits.

Approaches based on behaviour change offer a potentially powerful set of tools and applying the principles can lead to low cost, low pain ways of ‘nudging’ people into new ways of acting, by going with the grain of the way most people think and act.

This presentation will outline some of the background to this fascinating topic and delegates will be provided with tools and ideas that can be used immediately; and there will be plenty of examples where the concepts have been tried and tested and achieved good results – changing behaviour, improving customer engagement and compliance.

What some delegates have said about the training course run on the same subject

  • It was very informative and will be extremely useful in our work – thank you.
  • Thought provoking insight in to how behaviour change can be practically used.
  • The trainer was a great speaker – very interesting subject.
  • Excellent course with superb handouts. Interesting to learn about the techniques and understand why they work.
  • Really useful – lots of potential applications for my day-to-day job.
  • A lot of food for thought and looking forward to applying where appropriate in our business.
  • It was the best training I have ever had, and I can say I’ve had loads, with 19 years as a magistrate, 18 years as a secondary school teacher, and 9 years at xxxxxx. It was very interesting, informative and humorous, and you allowed us to take part, which I think is essential. I loved every second of the training,
  • Very useful course with plenty of real examples to consider.
  • First class, thank you.

 About Dr Jeremy Leach

Jeremy Leach has been interested in human behaviour and what makes us tick for as long as he can remember.  That interest was heightened when he became an Environmental Health Practitioner in the late 1970’s and has not diminished since.  Indeed he decided to study for and gain a degree in Psychology to take his interest to the next level. 

Jeremy has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, which he gained from the University of Brighton in collaboration with King’s College, London.  In addition, he has studied for and gained, postgraduate certificates in Research Methodology and Social Marketing (with Distinction) also from the University of Brighton.  He is a Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Royal Society for Public Health. 

He has trained, advised and assisted many organisations from the public and private sectors on how to use insights from the behavioural sciences to improve the customer experience, improve effectiveness and improve compliance.

Jeremy is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Brighton. He continues to have numerous papers and articles published in both trade and professional magazines and journals; he has had two books published and is a regular presenter at conferences and seminars.

Dr Jeremy Leach BA, PhD, FCIEH, CEnvH, FRSPH.


Monday 16th April  7 – 9pm   Priory Court Hotel

The History of the “Lost Medieval Seaport of Pevensey” and the levels


Did you know that when William the Conquerer landed in 1066, Pevensey Castle was all but surrounded by the sea, with ships sailing to the port which was then to the north of the castle ? 

Did you know that William returned here again in 1067 ?  There is so much to learn about our history.  Robert Slater has a wealth of knowledge and will entertain us, telling the story of our history with his never ending enthusiasm.

Wednesday 25th April  7 – 9.30pm  St Wilfrids Hall

Our Coast and Pevensey Sea Defences 




The sea works in mysterious ways – our coastline is forever changing.  Lets learn how and why.



Pevensey Coastal Defence have been working to protect our beaches and homes.  But what when the present contract ends ?


Dr Uwe Dornbusch will be talking about the wider coastal processes, and following a refreshment break, Nick Gray from the Environment Agency will cover Pevensey Bay specific flood defences. After each presentation there will be time for questions.  If you want to know about our future protection then this evening is a must !

Nick is the coastal engineer for the South East of England and has been working for the Environment Agency for the last ten years. Nick is a Chartered Member of CIWEM and has worked on some of the biggest coastal schemes in England, including Medmerry Managed Realignment and the Southsea coastal flood defences.


Nick’s talk will look at how government funding for flood defences work, what the current arrangements are for Pevensey and how it has performed over the last ten years and also what the future might look like.


THURSDAY 3rd May  4 – 5.30pm   Bayside Diner

A guide to and advice on benefits


Are you – or is someone you know – missing out ? 


Many people are not claiming benefits because they simply do not know they are entitled.  Others cannot understand the system. We are bringing the information you need right to your doorstep.  After an overview of what benefits are all about you will have the chance to ask questions. You might know somebody who could do with some advice and help – tell them about this very useful and informative workshop.

Places are limited – so please book or we may have to turn you away

Wednesday 16th May  7 – 9.30pm   St Wilfrids Hall P.Bay

Revealing Pevensey’s Hidden History



We all know about 1066 – but ………….


how much do you know about the rest ? Pevensey and the surrounding area has a history rich in mystery and intrigue.  

This talk will look at some of the unexpected and forgotten history of Pevensey since Roman times. You will be surprised to find out interesting facts that are often not revealed in history books or information you learnt at school.

Thursday 14th June 2 – 4pm  P.Bay Baptist Church Hall

Dementia Friends plus How to avoid being “scammed”  

Our two workshops will be separated by a refreshment break.  You are welcome to come to both.  Otherwise join just one of them by slotting in or out at the refreshment break.  


Dementia Friends



There are more than 850,000 people in the UK living with Dementia and unfortunately because public understanding is so poor, people with Dementia often feel – and are – misunderstood, marginalised and isolated. 

By attending a Dementia awareness session and becoming a Dementia Friend you will find out more about how Dementia affects a person – and then, armed with this understanding be able to do small everyday things that help. So that collectively we can ensure that everyone living with Dementia feels part of, not apart from, society. 



How to avoid being “scammed”



Do you think “it could happen to me – nobody can catch me out” ?

Think again !  From a knock at your door to social media and the internet – you are vulnerable !   This workshop will show you just how easy it is to be scammed.  

Friends Against Scams aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to “Take a Stand Against Scams” and learn about different types of scams and those likely to fall victim to them. People living with dementia are often in vulnerable circumstances and targeted by criminal scammers so the Friends Against Scams awareness session will outline the possible signs to help families and carers identify whether their loved ones are possibly being defrauded.