We are expecting the annual beach replenishment via dredger Sospan Dau to start next week, and to take about 8 days.  As usual all material will be rainbowed onto the beach immediately east of Sovereign Harbour, in front of the rock revetment.


In total around 10,000m3 of sediment will be delivered.  This is less than normal for two reasons;

  1. Last winter was less erosive than other recent winters, so less shingle was lost
  2. There has been a substantial build-up of shingle on the west side of the marina.  Thus it is likely that at least 10,000m3 will need to be bypassed round the harbour and added to the beach as soon as the operation is allowed to start on 1st October


Sospan Dau will deliver sediment over high water twice a day, taking about an hour to discharge each time.  No machines will work on the beach, sediment being allowed to spread purely through wave action