And so to 2017


3 Can Can Dancers2

All the work is coming to an end – no it didn’t stop on Saturday night !  We should all say thank you to those who gave their time to make Scarecrow 2016 happen.  There is much to be done behind the scenes and if it weren’t for those who volunteered to help it would not have happened.  And of course not forgetting thank you to all those who made scarecrows.  You made it all worth the work involved.

What we need to be thinking about now – believe it or not – is 2017.  So many people are already talking about plans to make bigger and better displays next year.  Not least Denise and I.  We have a plan to make another army but we need some people to help.  No big deal or rush as long as we think about it from here on.  If you want to help then the work can be done over the next 12 months in readiness for the Festival.  If you feel you cannot “make” then you can help with materials.  We need pillows and quilts (not feather) and duvet sets.  So if you have any old ones you don’t need anymore then please let us have them.  If you want to be in on the making, you will be supplied with a pattern and simple instructions so that we can be sure they will all be the same.  50 would be good – more would be better.  They will take pride of place on Westham Green with the schools and any others.  Why there – because it is an ideal space and so many people come there to walk around and look at our efforts.

BUT we also have a plan for another project which can be sited anywhere – so Pevensey Bay here they come !!!  The end of Castle Drive lends itself to having a large group – it attracted so many people when they gathered there for collection.  Its about us, the people of the villages. “Scarecrows R Us” seems a good name for the project.  You make one of you and dress it in your clothes.  There is a really fun way to do this – I have already been experimenting.  We will teach you how.  Its the best fun I have had in all the scarecrow making !

So let us know if you are interested in either project and/or collecting that much needed bedding.  We will keep your contact details and let you know when we are ready for go.   Email so that we can record your addy and get in touch easily.

1066 Challenge


96 William Is It Too Late To Say Im Sorry3


So many scarecrows and so much to do – at last we had time to go through all the pics to count how many 1066 scarecrows you had made.  The Westham Green was of course all 1066  – including the school scarecrows.  But they were soon added to as many of you decided to make 1066 scarecrows around the villages too.  As far as I can count there were 86 1066 scarecrows altogether.  From King Harold, to William the Conquerer, to simple surfs to monks and widows- there was plenty of variety.  Well done everyone who joined in and  made one.  It was our own celebration of the 950th anniversary of The Battle of Hastings.