ST Nicolas Church 800th Anniversary

St-Nichs-300x209750 years ago the church was badly damaged during the siege of Pevensey Castle by Simon de Montfort. A stone missile hurled by a trebuchet, fell through the church roof. You can still see in in the south aisle – it weighs about 35 kilos. The repairs were paid for by a local lady, Denise de Pevensey: the cost £7.0.0! Now we need £72,258 – anyone want to help?


WAVES IN PB 678I suppose it was too much to think that winter was over, as yesterday’s brief, but significant, storm proved.  Being southerly it will have had reduced impact elsewhere, but for Pevensey it resulted in a narrowing of the beach crest in several places.  Generally southerly storms do not result in much west to east movement of shingle along the coast, with sediment lost from the crest usually just pulled down to the beach toe.
The remainder of this spring tide sequence is expected to be accompanied by NE winds, which should help return some of the shingle to the crest.  To help in this process a bulldozer will start reprofiling next week, with a recycling team arriving a week later, ahead of the next spring tides.  Of course, we are then into school Easter holidays, which is not the best time to be moving beach around, but with another set of 8mCD tides to come in the first week of April, there is not a lot of choice if we want to restore the defences before then.

Unless the weather deteriorates badly, there will be no machines working over Easter weekend itself