The Beach

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Craig Willson

Theoretically there is one more week of winter before the official start of spring.  On the other hand there are significant spring tides in March and April, both months that have in the past resulted in beach erosion due to storms.  Whilst spring may be just round the corner, there is plenty to do before we can consider an end to works for winter 2015-16.


As a result recycling will continue, now working from Cooden with four dump trucks, returning shingle to Herbrand Walk, Normans Bay East and Beachlands.  If necessary a smaller team will then continue west through Pevensey Bay to Grey Towers and Sovereign Harbour to reinforce any areas that require attention.


Meanwhile, Ovenden have now completed removal of shingle from the outer harbour for Premier Marinas.  The resultant stockpile remains to be transferred round the harbour to the north beach, which is likely to take two weeks.  Last weekend’s storms have pushed more shingle up against the southern breakwater, so it is everyone’s interests to also try and remove some more sediment from the beach before we leave.  If it is not removed it will only end up being driven inside the harbour where it will form another spit similar to the one just removed.


Best wishes