Dickens Evening

For legal reasons PVP management has decided not to be involved in the organisation of the Dickens Evening this winter.  This is because of  health and safety and insurance issues relating to the road closure which do not fall within the remit of PVP. We shall of course do everything we can to support the new organisers.

High Tides Expected at End of Month

Latest News from Ian Thomas on coastal defence

“Sospan Dau is expected to arrive on the Sussex coast next week.

With some strong winds forecast for the early
part of the week ,it is unclear when shingle deliveries to Sovereign Harbour
will begin, but it is not likely to be before Wednesday or Thursday.
Assuming the weather then remains reasonable, we expect deliveries to be
completed by the end of the month.

Before autumn proper arrives, we will also need to start beach recycling
from Cooden to Herbrand Walk, Normans Bay East and Beachlands, but hopefully
that will not be before the start of October.  Mindful of the 8.2m tides at
the very end of September, it maybe that work will have to begin earlier
should it be necessary.”