Spectacle of Colour

balloon release



Now the “is it all going to be alright on the night” worries are behind us, it is time to reflect on what a fantastic fortnight the scarecrow festival was.  There was so much more going on than visitations from our friends the scarecrows.  One of the things that left an impression on a lot of people’s minds was the release of 70 balloons at the Aqua Bar event.  The wind blew them away all too quickly as people quickly grabbed cameras to capture the colourful spectacle. We can only wait for the cards to come back to see how far the wind took them.

Luckily, Daina from Over The Moon didn’t have to blow them all up with her own puff !  You can just imagine fighting to get the balloons into bags as once filled with gas, they only want to escape upwards.  Next comes keeping the bags under control and transporting them to the beach. Then managing to release them individually rather than a bag at a time.  No mean task !  Well done Daina – you provided us with what will be a lasting memory for many people.

If you haven’t been to visit Over The Moon yet, then do go along and see all the party gear in this very well stocked shop.  Daina will go out of her way to find you just what you need if she hasn’t got it to hand. Find her at 2 North Road, Pevensey Bay.  Tel 01323 325050


Time to say Thankyou

The Scarecrow Festival is over, and our streets all feel very empty without our friends faces peering at us as we drive along.  I think many of us had a tear in our eye on the beach on Saturday evening as the bonfire was lit and we said goodbye to our scarecrows.

thank-you-for-being-awesome-quote-1It goes without saying that the festival would not have been such a success without so many of you, our village businesses and community joining in to help.  Whether you held an event, attended an event, made or adopted a scarecrow or just snapped away with your cameras, you were all part of a great “first” in the villages of Pevensey, Pevensey Bay, Westham and Stone Cross.  Thank you to everyone for taking part and making it such a happy fortnight.

Our sponsors :  Thank you to Martello Beach Park and Mason Bryant who were our main sponsors. Thank you to Sharnfold Farm who donated the lovely wooden trophies for the garden competition, and to Hilliers for providing vouchers for prizes.

Thank you to Jo of OnTheTide for making and donating our special Scarecrow Trophy, and to Jo of Vines Flowers for providing the prize money to go with it.  Thank you to Stone Cross Windmill who sponsored prizes for the categories.

Thank you to those businesses who arranged events for everyone to enjoy.  The Moorings/Star Inn for the breakfast walk, The Bay Hotel for a western day and table top sale, Pevensey Bay Baptist Church for a huge contribution over the fortnight, The Haven Players and Diana Freedman School of Dance for putting on our Variety Show, The Ocean View for our quiz, The Castle Pub for hosting our tombola, Derek, the bell ringers of Westham, and Patricia Roud for the walks, Lloyd for his wartime talk, Simply Seafood, The Heron, and Stone Cross Windmill, The Ocean View. Thank you to Anglers Den for their scarecrow fishing competition, and to Sharnfold for a whole week of scarecrow trails and fancy dress, and The Voices Choir for opening our last night celebration. A huge thank you to Glyn and his team of “bonfire boys”, and to The Aqua Bar for hosting our last night.

Thank you to St Wilfrids Hall, Westham Village Hall, Stone Cross Memorial Hall, The Ethel Wood Hall, The Red Lion and Martello Beach.  They all let us have their venue’s for free.

Of course our own team worked very hard to make it all possible.  So thank you to Barbara, Carolyn, Denise, Shirley, Melitta, Bob and Lotte, Patricia, Paul, Martin, Alexandra, John, Glyn……..ooo I do hope I haven’t forgotten to mention anyone – so hard with so many people lending a hand from meeting and arranging things to washing up or lugging chairs about !



You all deserve your very own trophy !

Maggie and Rose win with Miranda

Maggie and Rose presentation


Scarecrow Judge Pam Doodes presents Maggie and Rose with their prize for Best Scarecrow Overall.

The trophy, a little house with a scarecrow in the garden was made and donated by Jo of OnTheTide.  The prize money of £50 was donated by another Jo, Jo of Vines Flowers, Westham.


Maggie Prangnell and Rose Parker were proud to win the Best Scarecrow prize overall in the first miranda winnerScarecrow Festival in the villages.  Miranda the Mermaid was beautiful, and she could be seen relaxing and admiring her reflection in her mirror in Westham High Street over the last two weeks. Maggie and Rose had never made a scarecrow before, and they very much enjoyed the experience. All those scales were individually cut out and painted, Miranda’s body was smooth to perfection, and the detail on her face was amazing.  Well done to Maggie and Rose……….

What can we expect next year ?????