Heritage Trail Guided Walks

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1066 and all that………….



Why not join a guided walk around our Heritage Trail.  Step back in time and learn about the history surrounding Pevensey Castle and the villages of Pevensey and Westham.  See St Mary’s, the first church the Normans built, the 800 year old St Nicolas Church, the Court House and Gaol and wonderful timber framed houses.  You can even negotiate the “squeeze gate”.

Our guide will take you for a stroll in the streets, through fields that were once the shoreline, and through the castle grounds.  The easy going walk takes approximately 1 hour, and afterwards, when hunger pangs set in, there are 3 pubs to choose from for lunch.

The walks take place every Wednesday at 11am, from May 13th to September 16th.  Meet at the car park entrance in Pevensey on the East side of the castle.

There is no charge for the walk but a donation (suggested £2) would be appreciated towards our costs.

Please note that the field section of the walk is not suitable for wheelchairs, but our guide will offer an alternative route.

There are facilities at the start and finish of the walk.

PCDL update

Some minor cliffing at Normans Bay East and Herbrand Walk appeared as the
result of last week’s spring tides and easterly winds, so the bulldozer has
been kept on for a few more days.  In the meantime Sospan Dau has completed
dredging at Sovereign Harbour ahead of schedule, so from this evening will
be delivering sea dredged aggregate to Sovereign Harbour revetment for a few
days before she heads to Littlestone for much of the summer.  The remaining
shingle required to reinstate the area east of the harbour will be delivered
in late summer or early autumn.

Ian Thomas PCDL

PCDL – Latest Update

Lorries bypassing shingle round Sovereign Harbour will have finished for the summer and won’t return until the beginning of October at the earliest.
Because the lorries are currently unable to travel along the beach to the
stockpile area, the bulldozer will remain at Sovereign Harbour for another
day or two, to push some of the new pebbles further towards the harbour.  He
will then work back through the bay levelling the beach out for summer.  He,
too, should be gone by Friday.