PCDL update

Last night’s storm, driven by Violent Storm Force 11 winds in sea area Dover, has fortunately had relatively little impact.  However, we will be undertaking some repair work from Monday, when two dump trucks will return.  Initially, they will move shingle from Langney that was tipped halfway to the revetment.  Thereafter they will move east to reinforce areas such as Beachlands, Normans Bay East and Herbrand Walk so they are in good condition before Christmas week.

All machines will be parked in the Environment Agency depot over the holiday period so will be available should conditions deteriorate.  It is still our intention to use just one bulldozer from 20th December and then only when necessary.

Ian Thomas

Old English Summer Trifle

1 small  punnet  raspberries
Small handful of mixed berries (blackberries, blue berries, strawberries)
1 banana sliced
8 sponges split in 2
Raspberry  jam
4 tbs medium  sherry
about 10 ratafia biscuits broken up
1 pint  fresh vanilla custard
1/3 pint double cream
2 oz flaked almonds

Begin by spreading sponges with jam and put in base of glass trifle dish.
Cover with macaroons and sprinkle with sherry
Cover with fruit
Cover with custard
Cover with cream
Toast almonds in a dry pan and decorate trifle

Musings from a constant gardener 5

Miserable, dreek weather, what can a gardener with bronchitis do but dream of better times ahead? Then, for the first time in too long, the sun broke through the mist this morning and, at last I couldn’t resist donning my wellies and taking a refreshing turn around the garden. How good to feel the warmth on my back. Though, it must be admitted, even in the sunshine, there was not much to gladden the eye today. Everything  looked as downtrodden and collapsed as me. I was about to crawl back indoors and wait for Spring when something caught my eye: A camellia that doesn’t normally flower until March had three bright pink blooms just asking to be picked. I couldn’t resist. Glowing in a little green glass vase they bring me hope.