The winter will be upon us again soon, and with it that familiar risk for those who live in Pevensey Bay on or near the beach.  The sea is of course the biggest risk, but the rivers and the levels need to be considered too.


The Environment Agency have a flood warning system that anyone can have access to.  Why not sign up and be in the know – just in case !

You will need to sign up for flood alerts on the Environment Agency website


You can also monitor the webpage that records them


Musings from a constant gardener 3

Sunday 26th October 2014 from a constant gardener………..

Couldn’t believe my eyes when, from the window, I saw a distant blur of mauve under the horse chestnut tree at the bottom of the garden. Was it only a fortnight ago that, in some trepidation, I planted out Autumn crocus bulbs and protected them against the squirrels?  It seems extraordinary that they should reward my efforts so speedily. Of course, on closer inspection, they do look a bit ridiculous with their petals pushing against the anti-squirrel defences, but there they are and, with luck, will have a better chance to seed and multiply.

The race is on to dig up everything that needs to escape before the frosts or is just in the wrong place.  It helps to identify such clumps later, if as with phlox where the colour has completely faded, you have remembered to at least tie on a bit of string to the offenders. Towards the end of this Summer, I have been delighted by the sight of  white phlox amongst tall, silvery grasses under the damp shade of the Portuguese laurel tree – marred only by the intrusion of some uninvited bright pink pieces of phlox. Ah! The pursuit of perfection…………











1 llb of trimmed leeks (chopped into 1inch pieces)
1.5 llbs of potatoes
8 oz of streaky bacon
6 oz grated cheddar cheese
Tin of condensed mushroom soup


Steam the leeks and boil the potatoes until cooked. Drain
Grill the bacon and chop into bite size chunks
Put layers of potatoes , leeks, bacon and cheese in a casserole dish. Top with mushroom soup and one layer of cheese and cook in oven at 180 degrees or Gas mark 5 for about 40 minutes.
Serve with chutney and chunks of bread.

Serves 4